With a staff that has over 40 years of design experience, we are more than capable of designing any commercial kitchen for restaurants, schools, bars, corporate kitchens, hotels, food trucks, and practically anything else that has a kitchen!



Here at Concepts, we use our knowledge and understanding of commercial kitchens to assist with food service equipment and spatial design and flow in a manner that gives the end user appropriately spec'd equipment that is efficient to their purpose, menu, and volume at a reasonable cost.

The Basics

A basic job will always have a kitchen floor plan complete with numbered items, an equipment schedule calling out the style of items and quantities, and a spec book full of all the equipment information associated with the floor plan.



After a plan is complete, the job progresses to elevations to more accurately show how items will look in a given area. These elevations reflect the lineup of equipment, equipment heights, and a space between items with numbered elevations referencing the floor plan.

Electrical/Plumbing Plans

The final design work done on a project shows all of the appropriate electrical and plumbing connections for every piece of equipment necessary. This includes an electrical plan with an electrical schedule and plumbing plans with a plumbing schedule.

114000 - Bid Submittals

As a project goes out to bid, each candidates will look through the plans to get an idea for the scope that they will be providing for. The 114000 is their word for word guide as to what make, model, quantity, and accessories are to be provided with each piece of equipment in order to fulfill the bid.

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