Tim Carroll

With over 30 years of experience designing food service kitchens, Tim has a deep understanding on how kitchens can flow from all unique cooking styles. It would be a challenge to find someone that knows more about the equipment and how to piece a kitchen together for maximized efficiency. Experience with knowledge of local mechanical codes, he is able to solve problems before they exist. You’ll also be treated with one of the fastest turn around times and communication. It will be evident when you meet him that you are in good hands.  

Andrew Carroll

David meek

Between 15 years of drafting and training under three of the top foodservice designers in the Treasure Valley, David had a unique opportunity to quickly learn the ins and outs of the food industry. He can quickly get any project designed and keep the project moving in a forward direction. From operational efficiency, sizing of work areas, and proper equipment selection, to knowing the industry related codes and requirements and how he can best work with Architects and Engineers, From start to finish, you will always be treated as though you are the most important customer no matter what size the scope is.

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David Meek


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